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Mime is basically designed for physical gesture and posture and these are ornamented with 'Mudras'. Mime is an expression of the determined push of human thought and emotion through the language of the body. This is an art by itself and is unique in the realm of culture refinement of thought and action.

In 1956, Jogesh Dutta, the pioneer in the field of this are attempted to give a new dimension to Mime in the modern perspective. Padaboli found its permanent place in the Jogesh Mime Academy established in 1971. The birth of the Jogesh Mime Academy is the result of the pioneering zeal and enthusiasm of Jogesh Dutta. The Institution is affiliated to 'Rabindra Bharati University'. Kolkata and 'Sangeet Natak Academy'. The land for the Institution has been provided by the West Bengal State Government. The Institution can pride itself on the excellence of some of its artists who have become worls famous.

Aims and Objects :

  • To popularize India`s age old art Mime through regular public performances and discussions all over the country.
  • To create an awareness and an active interest and pride in people in our rich cultural heritage.
  • To enthuse people to participate in its cultivation and preservation with dedication and commitment.
  • To promote its cause by encourage by encouraging talent and aspiring artists and helping them to develop their skill in all possible ways.
  • To offer a helping hand to poor and disable students as a mark of recognition and their contribution to development of mime.
  • To facilitate senior theater, drama, film personalities every year.
  • To set up libraries of books VCD`s costume, make-up, light, to form archive for posterity and research workers.
  • To invite artists from all over the world to give their
  • performance in the festival
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