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At the age of two Baisakhi Ray joined dance school under the guidance of Shri Moni Shankar. Subject Kathak. Simultaneously started learning Bharatnatyam and folk dance under the guidance of Mukta Ghosh. At the age of three performed on stage for the first time. At the age of four she stood first in a dance competition for the first time. From here on it was never looking back. Participated and performed various forms of dance in numerous dance festivals and competitions. At the age of six she joined "Geetobitan" school registered under Rabindra Bharati. Subject Kathakali, Manipuri and Rabindra Nritya. Joined the professional troupe "Bharatiya Shilpi Parishad" under the direction of famous dance director and choreographer Shri Atin Lal Ganguly in the year 1980. Performed as a backup dancer in various Tollywood films. Completed 6th year in Kathakali, Manipuri and Rabindra – Nritya. Learned scripting, make up, editing, stage lightning, choreography under Shri Atin Lal Ganguly and performed at various levels and strata of dance forms.

1. Learned Bharatnatyam under the able guidance of shri Guru Abhay Pal. 2. Attended various dance workshops under the guidance of Shri Sambhu Bhattacharya and Shri Batuk Pal. 3. Also worked and performed in group theaters with famous dramatists.

Joined as a choreographer and dancer in a registered troupe of "Song & Drama Division, Govt. of India".

Participated as a dancer and choreographer in various festivals, workshop, programmes and fests in various places of West Bengal.

Shri Atin Lal Ganguly decided to discontinue with his professional troupe "Bharatiya Shilpi Parishad" and handed over all his scripts and notations to me with his blessings and well wishes.