The Versatile Actress Rachna Banerjee, who started her film career in the year 1994 end by giving a blockbuster movies “Dan Pratidan & Duranta Prem”, Directed by “Sukhen Das & Prabhat Roy”, which set a milestone in the arena of film industry irrespective of cast and religion.

Rachna Banerjee, who casted in 18 Telugu, 6 Tamil, 6 Kanada, 10 Bangladeshi, 50 Oriya and 45 Bengali movies.

It is needless to mention that Her most of the hit movies in Oriya got casted with Siddhanth and Mihir Das.

Similarly in Bengali got casted with Prasenjit Chatterjee out of which few got the awards and stood as an outstanding performance gave a box office hit. Simultaneously she also acted with Firdous and Jishu Sengupta in the same tune.

This won’t be out of place she achieved number of awards for a considerable period of time, where she got featured in various regional movies starting from Telugu, Tamil, Kannda, Bangladeshi and Oriya too.

In Telugu most of her movies got featured with  Srikanth, Jagapati Babu, Mohan Babu, Balakrishna, J.D. Chakrabortyand and Chiranjibi, where most of them got Super Duper hits.