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The origin of Puppet Theatre can be traced back to the dawn of civilization. Puppets have always been reflections of the changing socio-cultural trends. From being merely a source of entertainment, today they have evolved to become are effective medium for moulding public opinion. Not surprisingly the Puppet Theatre is one of the few traditional art – form to have survived the electronic media blitzkrieg. Even today, Puppets regale adults and children alike, the world over.

A Profile of B.P.T.C.C

Burdwan Puppet Theatre and Cultural Centre, working in the quiet agricultural and university town of Burdwan, some 97 km. away from Kolkata, is the dream child of a handful of artists, teachers, youngmen and school children. It came into being in 1988. The repertoire encompasses varied subjects ranging from folktales to classics, social and environmental problems. The team regards if as its mission to preserve the ancient medium in its modern form, enjoy the task and shares the joy of it with all.
Our Team
Palas Das
Shyamal Roy
Audio Vibe (Burdwan)
Puppet Makers & Manipulators
Sandip Dey
Satya Adhikari
Soumalya Roy
Kshirode Bihari Ghosh
Saptarshi Roy
Sandip Das
Sanjib Chakraborty
Samiran Maji
Ratan Roy
Bibhas Ranjan Das
Joydev Guin
Sarbajit Ghosh
Sujit Chowdhury
Sankar Nag
Badsha Singh
Light Balai Das    
Planning & Direction Swapan Roy    



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