Dr. P.C.Karmakar has been doing infertility management for 27 years since 1987, of which 14 years he passed along with Prof. B.N.Chakraborty of Infertility Institute of Reproduction Medicine, Salt lake where Dr. Karmakar was H.O.D. of IUI department. After that since 2000 he has been running his own reproductive health unit at Dum Dum Just near Dum Dum Pvt. Road Bus Stop adjacent to Joy Marriage House. His clinic is well equipped with all sorts of devices which are needed for infertility treatment for getting the success and he runs his own reproductive health unit 7 days a week and he is totally devoted and dedicated to his own subject and his success rate is very much remarkable in his 27 years of infertility treatment.

Throughout India he is very well known doctor in infertility and IRM where he was H.O.D. in IUI department from 1997 to 1999.

He gave training to uncountable doctors not only from India but from abroad also. Even in his own clinic he gives training to doctors even today also. So we can easily tell him the doctor with profound knowledge in infertility subject.

When couples with fertility problem come to him, they tell one thing repeatedly after meeting with him that why we didn’t come to him earlier. As because his mode of treatment and devotion is totally different, that's why each and every couple becomes very much satisfied. They tell him that they are very much satisfied by his treatment.

Success rate in his chamber is very very remarkable. More or less it is 70% in cumulative manner.

So to the patients and to everybody Dr. P.C.Karmakar’s acceptibility is very much higher and it is his moral duty to contract with the patients personally when even they are not under treatment.

All patient’s tell after meeting with him, here Dr. Karmakar’s clinic our treatment will be last and ultimate. After that we will not go anywhere. If we don’t get result here we will not get it anywhere.

As because Dr. goes to so deep to us and so sincere and serious about us regarding treatment that’s why we think that Dr. P.C.Karmakar’s clinic is the last station / resort for us.

Any sort of male partner’s problem is treated here and Dr.Karmakar will overcome that problem.Not only that his motto will be to give the result to the recipient.

He appeared several times in mass media like TV ( Doordarshan, Akash Bangla, Sonar Bangla, Sristi) and newspapers also regarding his dealing, treatment and success rating in infertility.

In the year of 1989 regarding IUI, one paper published in his name in all India Obstetrics and gynae gernal and another paper also on survical mucus study in monitoring of ovation.
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