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Welcome to Jhankar Dance Centre

Jhankar Dance Centre, a well-known dance academy in kolkata, since its foundation till date has advanced on the road of eminent success with actualization of multitude of rewards to its incessant endeavors.

Jhankar Dance Centre offers an environment where students are given opportunities to experience personal growth through dance, teamwork, self-discipline, camaraderie and increased self-confidence. Dancing helps develop other traits such as balance, strength, dedication, poise, respect, and performance experience, which carry life-long benefits. We offer a variety of dance styles, including Bollywood, Contemporary, Hiphop, Jazz.

Jhankar Dance Centre is a breed of its dream and thought. It gathered here the most credible Gurus of the Bollywood, Contemporary, Hiphop, Jazz, etc. Here the every trainers and Gurus are imparting the knowledge of the subject to their students in such a way that in the up-coming future this Institution will be able to claim the for the best contribution for the Indian Classical Dance in Kolkata and India.

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