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Communication Therapy


The magic word is “Communication”, which is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through some mutually understood semiotic rules. The most basic pre requisites for communication are encoding and decoding of messages done via hearing and speech respectively. Shine Speech and Hearing deals with the total communication.

Audiometry Test

Characteristics of a Good Speech

1) Dynamic
2) Informal Talk
3) Clear
4) Vivid and Concrete
5) Brevity

6) Interesting
7) Audience Oriented
8) Free From Error
9) Authentic
10) Well Organised

Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing
Shine Speech and Hearing

the art of Hearing

Hearing the sense by which sound is perceived via collective modes and mechanisms. As hearing results out from a multiple collaborative task done by our muscles and nerves, it is not so hard to understand that hearing can also get deviated if any of these functioning goes wrong resulting in a very common condition “hearing loss”.

Hearing loss is a partial or total inability to hear sound. Hearing loss can be categories based on its types and severity.



- Mild
- Moderate
- Moderately Severe
- Severe
- Profound


- Conductive
- Sensorineural
- Mixed

Shine speech and hearing deals in managing the inappropriate neural functioning of our hearing system by providing patient oriented best suited hearing aids.

Hearing Aids
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Hearing Aids
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