Dr. Amitabha Das

Dr. Amitabha Das

MBBS (Hons), MS (General Surgery, Gold medalist), MCh (Neurosurgery, AIIMS


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Patient Speak

  A great dr in terms of profession and humanity. No words to explain his quality, technique and the help he tendered me. May Almighty showers His blessings upon him.

  Md Sayid Uddin   KMB Lane, Kolkata

  My mother had a serious spinal condition for close to a decade with the past two years being so bad that she was almost completely home bound. Her sciatica was unrelenting and quality of life extremely poor. I don‘t live in Kolkata and l was not sure of the quality of medical infrastructure available especially in something as specialised as neurosurgery. I wanted to take her abroad but she was in no position to travel. She was also reluctant to agree to surgery but finally agreed to meet some of the top neurosurgeons in Kolkata. There were others who had more experience but my mother chose Dr Amitabha Das. The surgery was major. critical. and everyone was deeply worried. But Dr Das’s skill as well as the warmth and dedication of the wonderful stall in Park Hospital made it a happy experience and the outcome was great. My mother is pain free and is slowly learning to get back to walking and life. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Das and Park Hospital

  Sujata Banerji   Al Manara, Dubai

  Very professional and courteous. Most importantly is there for his patients. He has treated a close relative of mine for brain tumor. He has made me believe in miracles.

  Dhiman Bhattacharya   Survey Park, Kolkata

  Sir is a renowned neurosurgeon.. He is expertised both in Academics as well as skilled in patient management.. Lots to learn from him..The academic classes arranged by Sir in selected topics are very informative & with updated informations.. Sir is a true mentor for us.. l am obliged to work under his assistance .Thank you sir.

  Dr. Aditi Shau   Bepin Behari Ganguly Street, Kolkata

  It's was just last year when I took my sis to Dr. Amitabha in Kolkata. I was fully amused after seeing doctor and way he examine the patient thoroughly which we find very few Doctors listen to the patient problem. Since the medication is on with Comments sister but during this pandemic there was continuous body pain with sis, so without hesitation doctor called the patient (sis) on video call and prescribed the medicine as on. God bless you abundantly and showers you the blessing of knowledge and guidance.

  Rupak Chetri   Bhanu Nagar, Siliguri

  Dr Amitabha sir is great to all of us .His treatment is really a miracle . My wife was patient of lumber spodalis now she is fully cure and continuing his service as a school teacher and this credit all goes to Dr Amitabha Das. Not only this he is having a very big heart who thinks for the people who cannot do their treatment for money. Every year he goes to the remote Comments area of our state with some junior doctors as a team and do the treatment of poor people and give them free medicine with his own expense. In my life I have never seen such type of doctors who thinks for common poor people. I pray to God please give him long life and more success in life so that many other people can get his treatment and have healthy life.

  Sanjay Majumdar   Badkulla, Nadia

  Dr. Das is one of the best neurosurgeon of present time. He had treated and operated my father, who is suffering from degenerative spine disease, against all odds where most of Comments the doctors gave up . My father is still under his supervision and doing quite well than previous state. Dr. Das really understands the patient way better than many other doctors in my view which makes him different.

  Aniruddha Banerjee   M.C.Green Road , Kolkata

  Had treated my mother for her compression fracture. She is fine now. We are satisfied. As a teacher and mentor he is a wonderful person

  Anwesha Nandi   Salt Lake City, Kolkata

  One of the Best Neurosurgeon in West Bengal I have ever seen. Please visit him with any neurosurgical treatment and you will definitely get the best result.

  Dr. Anupam Sarkar   South Kumrakhali, Kolkata

  U r the best doctor. U have patience n excellent. Now I feel better.

  Rama Kharel   Tadong, Gangtok

  Thank you for being so much more than I ever would have thought I could find in a doctor. You're an amazing person and you've made such a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful to you.

  Mithun Das   R.N. Tagore Road, Kolkata

  I was referred to Dr. Amitabha Das Wasserman in December, 2019 for polyneuropathy and that referral was a defining point in my healthcare. I was extremely impressed with him at my first appointment because he cared! He took the time to review my history and came up with a plan of action that actually worked. In addition to being a great doctor, he is kind, compassionate and down to earth. I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from neurological problems.

  Suvradeep Ganguly   Anath Nath Deb Lane, Kolkata

  Dr. Amitabha Das saw me for low back pain I had suffered with for a very long time. Using an MRI, he spotted the problem, confirmed it during my first visit, and recommended an injection, which I agreed to .I experienced instant and complete relief! With the help of Dr Amitabha Das and his team I fee at least 10years younger! Not my first experience with this office, just my latest. I will never seek another Neurosurgeon. These people have earned my trust and loyalty. I highly recommend this office for all orthopaedic care.

  Aditi Guha   Harish Neogi Road, Kolkata

  The most respected and humblest doctor with very much experience. To be very honest, he saved my husband’s life when all hopes were shattered.

  Shriparna Saha   Madhyamgram, Kolkata

  Best Doctor

  Moumita Guha   Kolkata