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We are Dark Horse Creations, trading into non-hazardous chemicals to make world a better place. Our Steel Guard Nano Coat is an indigenous inorganic anti rust product which is based on Nano Technology and makes iron rust free for a lifetime. It is an intellectual patented product in rust prevention and first of its kind in India. We are tradingDegreazzo, it’s a degreasing product which is remarkable for its 100% degreasing capacity. It’s user friendly and safe for human health. We are also trading various other chemicals which are precisely made to reduce waste. Cement wastage reducing powder Convita, Corrosion Inhibiting agent, Repello, Algea remover, Block Booster and self-curing chemical are a few to take name.

Dash 21: Dash 21 is a concentrated degreasing chemical that needs to be applied on the greased surface by mixing water in 1:9 ratio (1 part Dash 21 and 9 part water). It is cost effective and absolutely safe on human skin.

Available packs: 5 litre, 20 litre and 200 litre

REPELLO: Repello is a water repellent chemical that makes surface waterproof. It is best for using on cement wash surface, stone surface or any other porous surface.

Available packs: 20 litre

PAINT STRIPPER: Paint Stripper helps to remove existing paint from a surface, precisely from a cupboard.

BLOCK BOOSTER: Block Booster is a chemical that helps cement to solidify faster. Mix 400 ml of the chemical to 50 Kg of cement at the time of mixing to make the process faster.

Available packs: 5 litre, 20 litre, 200 litre

CONVITA: Convita Concrete Admixture is a powder form of waterproofing compound which makes cement not to go waste during plastering. It is responsible for zero rebound of plaster, water reduction in concrete, and reduction of cracks. It is compatible for all kind of cements. It makes cement cohesive and dancer.

CONCURA SELF-CURING ADMIXTURE: Concura is a versatile admixture for use with cement. It has been specially tailored to suit Indian climatic conditions. It is a preparation formulated to render good workability and helps curing cement with minimal or no need of wetting it with water.

Use 500 ml per 50 kg of cement. Avoid over dosage.

Available packs: 20 litre

CORROSION INHIBITING ADMIXTURE FOR CONCRETE: Itis a liquid admixture used for Corrosion protection of Reinforcing steel usedin concrete. The uni molecular layer formed by the chemical protects RCC steel fromchloride and other corrosive ions in concrete.

Available packs: 200 kg drum.
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  • Tata Metaliks
  • Ambica Jute Mill
  • Power Grid Corp
  • Budge Budge refineries
  • Adani Township & Real Estate
  • Adani Infrastructure 
  • Power Grid Corporation
  • Maharashtra State Electricity
  • Iskcon Temple
  • Mahinra & Mahindra
  • Sintex Industries
  • ….and many more
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