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Frequently Asked Question

Who We are?

We are a professionally managed incorporated and profitable company focused on manufacturing and exporting of complete range of Orthopaedic Instruments.

What we do?

We manufacture, supply and export orthopedic instruments.

How can I be sure that the Zomat - Ortho Support is the best source?

Seeing is believing. We invite you to our facilities and check for yourself. We shall be glad to take you to the other companies for comparison. This will clear all your questions and doubts.

What is the Company's Philosophy?

The company believes in long term relationship and mutual growth as objective. At Zomat, quality is a culture and service a tradition.

What types of orthopedic conditions and injuries are the most common?

Most people see an orthopedic specialist because of knee injuries (more than 18 million physician visits in 2010), back pain (more than 13 million), or shoulder injuries (more than 11 million).

How do I know if I have a sprain or a broken bone?

Your physician will be able to conduct tests such as X-Rays or bone scans to determine for certain if you have a sprain or a fracture. Keep in mind that a sprain is an injury to the ligaments (tissues that connect your bones), whereas a fracture is an injury to your bone. Sprains heal with time and rest, but a fracture will require some type of treatment (splint, cast, crutches, wheelchair and/or surgery).

How do I know if I have arthritis?

Arthritis symptoms may vary depending on which type you have. However, the most common arthritis symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling, redness and decreased range of motion. Your doctor can perform laboratory tests to determine if you do in fact have arthritis.

Will I need physical therapy?

Your doctor will be able to fully answer this question after your diagnosis and treatment. However, Zomat does provide physical therapy and pain management services so patients can get back on the road towards mobility.

Do you use a crutch or walking stick?

If you do, it makes life easier if you buy a Walker, such as the Deluxe Walker, which comes with a built-in crutch / stick holder. A holder ensures you can carry your crutch / stick, while keeping both hands firmly on the handles.

Do you want a walker which is particularly lightweight?

If you want an extra light Walker, which is easier to lift and carry, look out for one which has an aluminium frame.

Do you want a walker which is extremely easy to manoeuvre?

If you’re going to be frequently using your Walker inside space restricted areas, such as small shops or cafés, you might prefer a Tri-Wheel Walker.This type of walker is very manoeuvrable because of its three-wheel design.

Do you want a built-in rest seat?

Many people like to have a built-in rest seat. A rest seat is particularly useful when waiting for buses or taxis, or for when you’re out and about for longer periods of time.

Do you need a storage bag?

If you intend to carry things while using your Walker, such as a bag of shopping, make sure you either choose a Walker which comes with a storage bag, or a Walker which has the option of buying a bag separately. All of the Walkers from Days Healthcare come complete with a storage bag

Would he benefit from a wheeled walking frame?

Standard walking frames do not come with wheels. However, it is much easier to walk with a walking frame with wheels. This is because you don’t have to keep picking up the front of the walking frame up – you can wheel it instead.

Will he need to carry things while walking?

He will need two hands to use a walking frame, which means he won’t be able to carry anything, such as a cup of tea. To overcome this you can buy a Caddy, which simply clips onto the frame. The Caddy comes with a mug holder, tray and small and large compartments to separate items such as glasses and keys. Alternatively or additionally, you can buy a Net Bag which again clips onto the frame and is equally useful.


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