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Aneek was established with an idea to disseminate Indian Culture and Literature through Performing Arts, especially Theatre Art. We have a balanced team, which can optimize our efforts. Our team consists of people from various age groups and diverse backgrounds in the field of Theatre dedicated with a mind set of contributing their creativity positively.

We at Aneek our many patrons, audiences and supporters for making all this possible and being with us on this extra-ordinary journey. Aneek also promotes drama training and education, providing a platform for children to explore theatre and performance. Ultimately, the artistic endeavor of the team is to ensure a long lasting relationship with its audience and community.

Our Mission :

  • To enhance the reach of Theatre Art, Literature and Moral Education.
  • To create and provide better platform and career opportunities to performing artists.
  • To develop quality of Theatre education.
  • To develop a better Theater Culture in the country.

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