Metec International School

Run by Metec Charitable Trust
(To be affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi)

About Our School


India is my country; all Indians are my brothers and sisters
I Love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat every one with courtesy.
I shall be kind to birds and animals.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.
In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.


The school aims at all round education along with high principles moving towards excellence, to help individual student to become a responsible and contributing citizen to the nation. Every student is expected to participate in social service under school social service club, where they must contribute selflessly. Efforts will also be given to explore the inherent qualities of each pupil through different clubs .At MIS we assure all to give right environment to explore world of learning and reach their full potential. So our main motive is to give students an opportunity to develop their talents, grow to a confident adult.


The school enrols the children in to Play group class, there after from the kindergarten level progressing to class XII following the CISCE curriculum. However, in this academic year admission will be given from Play Group to class IV respectively.
b)The school will conduct examination twice a year, a Summative Assessment I and Summative Assessment II followed by class tests respectively. c)Promotion to the next class will be based on the performance of the students in this examinations accompanied with the attendance of the student in the respective class.
d)Keeping in view of the aspect of future of your child the Trust likes to take the responsibility of your child to make him or her proper educated and responsible citizen of India and to be in pace with the present world, School thinks that Computer Education and fluency in English is very much required.


Admission here starts from Play group class followed by other classes.
a) Admission in Play group to KGII will not require any formal test but the parents may be interviewed by the School Authority.
b) For Classes I to IV there will be certain preliminary test and interview of the candidate and parents may be taken.
c) At the time of admission, Transfer certificate from the previous school as well as candidate's Birth Certificate must be produced in original, with an understanding to be given to abide by the school's Rules and Regulations.
d) For admission in Kindergarten Section "Birth Certificate and Address Proof" to be submitted.


The school request the utmost Co-operation from parents in maintaining a high standard of discipline.
Parents are urged to assist the school staff in maintaining tradition for physical fitness, mental alertness and moral soundness.
a) Pupils of the school are expected to be punctual about their manners, speech, respects for elders.
b) Students are advised to behave properly in and outside the school premises.
c) Regularity and obedience will be exacted in the class.
d) No students will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without prior written permission from the Principal or Class teacher.
e) Heavy fine will be imposed to any student found destroying or damaging any school Property. It may also result in the "Caution Money" being forfeited and expulsion from the school.


Every student must be present in 75%of working days of the session.
No pupil should absent herself without obtaining leave previously except when it is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances.
a) Pupil must return after the holidays on the appointed date. In case of sickness the school authority must be informed and doctor's certificate must be produced.
b) A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, should produce a doctor's fitness certificate permitting him / her to do so .Student suffering from the following disease must observe the prescribed period curative before returning to school.

Chicken Pox

The scars fall completely


The child has completely recovered.


Two weeks after the rash disappears.


Until the swelling has gone, about one month.

Whooping cough

Six Weeks

c) Leave must be obtained by written application from the parents or guardians in the prescribed leave record.

d) Students who have been absent from class must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in their regulatory records.

e) Students who come late to school habitually may be fined or sent back home or both.


In case of sudden illness or accident First Aid is provided in the reception / School office of the school. If the teachers find any thing that requires immediate attention, then the parents are contacted.


Every student must wear a clean, complete and correct uniform daily with polished shoes, short hair for boys and tied and properly knotted hair for girls and short clean nails .Trinkets and jewelleries should not be used in the school. Defaulters may be sent back home. The uniform will be decided by the school and in case of any changes done with the uniform will be informed to the parents in prior notice.

Play group - Class IV

Girls: Olive green collared Red colour t-shirt with Olive Green Skirt .
Boys: Olive green collared Red colour t-shirt with Olive Green Pant
White shocks with green border on it and
School Belts for both Boys and Girls.
Black Shoes
Parents should give an extra pair of clothe and two handkerchiefs required in case of emergency for student of class Play Group and Nursery


a) Fee for the month must be paid in the starting week of every month, failing which a late fee of Rs20 per month cumulatively will be levied.
b) No deduction is made for the absence of children holidays or for broken periods.
c) A month notice must be given before a child is withdrawn from the school or a month fee paid in lieu of notice.
d) Fees once paid cannot be refunded.


Parents/Guardians is requested to co-operate with the school authorities:
a) By checking the diary of your child every day and affixing your signature at appropriate places
b) By seeing that your wards are diligent at his/her home work and lessons.
c) By insisting on your wards neatness and cleanliness in their text books, exercise books and personal appearance.
d) By not engaging tuition except through the school authority .It is the policy of the school as a rule to discourage private tuition as they may prove harmful to the real progress of the pupil.
e) Ordinarily communications with parents/Guardians are made through the school diary. Parents are requested to go through the school diary and to sign the remarks/comments made by the Principal/Co-Coordinator/Teachers.
f) Parents /Guardian are requested to refer to the school diary regarding terminal holidays in planning the vacations. Request for leave of absence prior to the official closing date of the school or the official opening date of the school will not be entertained and such absence will be reviewed seriously and may lead to ward's name being struck off the rolls.
g) Principal has the right to suspend attendance or ask the pupil/guardians to withdraw a student whose conduct is found harmful to the normal code of the school or who is not benefiting from the academic program offered by the school.
h) Attending the assembly and the school prayer is compulsory for all students and staff members of all categories.


The school maintain a library containing the basic reference books and children's literature. For library books enquire in the Front desk/School office.

Non Bus Students

a) Parents /Guardians of such students who don't avail transport should report to the school gate 15 minutes before the school gets over to collect their wards.
b) If due to certain exigencies a student has to leave the school campus during school hours on his own transport, the following rules have to be followed:
c) Give a written application, Sign the school leaving Register, take permission slip, which has to be shown at the gate before leaving.
d) Parents (or whoever is authorized by the parents) have to produce the escort card at the school gate to receive their ward, failing which the student will not be handed over to their parents.
e) In case the Escort card is lost or misplaced the child can be released on the basis of written application signed by the parents and approved by Principal, Head In charge or school authority.
Fine will be charged for getting new escort card.

School Transport

The school doesn't have its own transport presently but there are few Private Pool car operators on their own with out any responsibility of the school.