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Dr Bodhisatwa Choudhuri is a leading practitioner of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology & Immunology, Diabetes, Emergency Medicine& Critical Care in the city of Kolkata& Howrah, with more than twelve years of experience in medical field. He also treats various patients of COVID-19.

After completion of his MBBS from RG Kar Medical College in Kolkata, he pursued post-graduation in Internal Medicine. He followed it up with super-specialty training in Rheumatology & Immunology from University of South Wales, Cardiff, UK; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA and EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism)...

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Patient Testimonials

Surangana Dhar, 26Y/F

Treated for - Vasulitis

I was suffering from severe painful joints, rashes, fever, bleeding. Dr Choudhuri diagnosed me as a case of vasulitis. He treated me with care, referred to surgeon for skin biopsy. His treatment has helped me a lot. And now rashes are gone, pain is also very less. Thank you.

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