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Made In Oven

About Us

Welcome to Made in Oven, a boutique bake shop. Made of passion, dreams and hard work we started our journey with a very small team in 2016 over a short span of time we have earned a name for ourselves with a loyal fan following.

With a delectable spread of oven baked goodies that are fresh, without preservatives and only use quality ingredients, we have won hearts through the tummy. Specializing in designer cakes which are massively popular with our customers, we boast of raving reviews. Also offering desserts, pastries, chocolates and savouries, now you can visit the store or simply get the awesomeness delivered to the doorstep.

Our Story

Started simply as an after office stress busting exercise, which eventually became a popular facebook page that started getting online orders, our journey has been one of sheer love and self discovery.

Our Passion

We believe in honest flavours that are preservatives free. We use the best ingredients to ensure that we maximize on rich flavours which leaves a less greasy aftertaste. We also know how each cake we design matters to our customers because we understand the emotions invested behind it. That's why each design is a unique story for us which we love and customize in great details.

Why Choose Us

We come highly recommended by our customers who are our best and worst critics. We never compromise on the taste and handcraft each design taking every meticulous demand into consideration. We understand our client's vision and reproduce it to perfection. Once you order Made in Oven goodies, you become a loyalist.