Climb Kiddo

Climb Kiddo

Climb Your Dreams

A Wonderful Environment where Children can Learn & Grow


Activities Timings - 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.
Age Group - Any Age Group

Drawing -

Drawing plays an important role in our cognitive development. It trains us to write & think creatively, develop hand-eye coordination, master analytic skills and exercise conceptual ideas. Our drawing sessions are intense and driven by these ideologies.

Zumba -

Aerobic exercises reduce health risks, maintain a perfect body weight, strengthens our heart and elevates our mood. Climb kiddo believes in a holistic approach towards building a healthy life. So join our Zumba classes, bring your friends and dance your strass away.

Communicative English -

English is a language accepted globally and is the basic mode of communication worldwide. One has to communicate well with the society to grow and be a part of the social team…a basic step to be a successful global citizen. Routine classes are being organised for all at our school to enhance their basic communication skills under the surveillance of internationally acclaimed teachers.

Kathak Dance -

Kathak is for all. There is no right age for dancing. If you really want to do something the only thing required is determination, hard work and passion to excel. “Where there is a will there is a way.
Exam Facilities Available

Class Schedule - Every Saturday
Kids - 5:25 P.M. Onwards
Adults - 6:30 P.M. Onwards

Music -

Music is a basic means of communication, relaxation and expressing ones emotions. Music relaxes us, increases our endurance and improves our performance. Regular vocal training is a part of our curriculum for our students. Join our music classes and experience the difference…observe your kids bloom.

Yoga -

Yoga an ancient Indian practice, helps us control our body, mind and soul. In growing children yoga plays an immense role to enhance discipline, decrease impulsive attitudes and increase power and muscle tone. We at Climb Kiddo thrive to give our students a solid foundation based on the ancient Indian culture and organise regular yoga classes for their benefit.