Dr. Anupam Datta


Research Paper Presentation

State :

1. Incidence and Epidemiology of colorectal cancers among patients below 40 years of age: A 10-year retrospective analysis, ONCON 2013, Kolkata

National :

1. Phase II clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of Capecitabine-Paclitaxel as Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced Carcinoma Breast, at ICC 2013, New Delhi

2. Thalamic Gliosarcoma In A 4-Year-Old Child Treated With Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB): A Case Report, at AROICON 2016, Bhubaneshwar

International :

1. Transient xerostomia in head and neck cancers with significant parotid inclusion in target volume, ESTRO 36, Vienna, Austria, May 2017

2. A Comparative Study Of Sequential Chemoradiation Vs Concurrent Chemoradiation Vs Concurrent Chemoradiation Followed By Consolidation Chemotherapy In Unresectable NSCLC, ELCC 2018, Geneva, Switzerland llth to 14th April, 2018