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"The paving design of a project has a strong influence on the project's character, its coherence, and ultimately, on its meaning. A pavement can facilitate connections between the parts of a built enviroment, and to the person using that space."

We aim to have history record this EAST WEST TILES team and era as one of the finest periods of advancements in availability of Paving solutions in the country. With the new product ranges, particularly the Stone Pavers, Flags and Grass Pavers , EAST WEST TILES has endeavoured to put forth a collection which could complete with the finest in the world. Several design enhancement initiatives undertaken by EAST WEST TILES, go a few extra steps to ensure that our customers are benefitted in ways beyond the simple act of buying a good quality paving material.

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Pedestrian footways and precincts

Industrial Area

Any other areas where a durable external surface is required

Club Area

Entrances to private buildings

Surrounds & Approaches to residential and industrial buildings



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