The Ultimate Yellow Pages Site Launched in Calcutta !!




Launched on 29th April 2000, is the pioneer exhaustive storehouse of corporate information. The one of its kind, the site is honestly dedicated for the people of Calcutta. It is the directory of who’s and who’s of the Calcutta city, where one can see whole Calcutta, at a glance. is the online yellow pages of Calcutta on the net. The names of different business houses small or big; different institutions, social, economical or cultural; different hospitals; daily services; places of interest and other regular features are listed categorically, there in. Again, the site provides vast coverage of the current cultural and social events, putting you on the social register. This user-friendly platform, also provides you with the opportunity to win fabulous prizes through the various contest, it has been organized so far. Come to think of it, it puts Calcuttans and Calcutta on the global front, where else would you find, a site so personal and so interactive, giving complete information regarding how to live in Calcutta, defining the smallest things like the different bus routes, taking care of the grievances of the people of Calcutta.


Started by three young men in Y2K, the project is high rising step by step. At present, the 3 directors and the 50 members of marketing executives and 10 designers take care of the progress of the site and the site serves with continual spears on improvement. The site hopes to step up the process of social evaluation and awareness with an eye to provide better consumer smiles. It hopes to unite the whole city as a big family, which, at present includes over 1200 members and in future, will include all the Calcuttans. Could you afford to ignore this great social platform and not be a member of it?


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