The Ultimate Yellow Pages Site Launched in Calcutta !!


In a business environment where INTERNET is assuming increasing importance, not being on the World Wide Web means saying NO to business opportunities as it gives global reach and access. The most efficient and comparatively cost effective way to advertise in the competitive and ever-changing business environment is by making yourself present in which will surely enhance your level of business and productivity World Wide.  



  • will be available for throughout the world for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  • The Subscriber can change their information during the validity period of subscription without and charge effect will be reflected in INTERNET.

  • Technologically advance and creatively focused professionals who are committed in using all the technologies and methodologies available today will design your page.

  • It is a useful marketing and promotion tool you intend it to be in the most efficient and comparatively cost effective manner.


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