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West Bengal heritage of handicrafts is legendry. The exquisite texture of Baluchari Sarees, Silk and Tasar Textile from Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bankura, Hoogly and Nadia districts have become the Choice of the Century. The fascinating handloom textiles of the same regions as mentioned above are now attracting world-wide attention. Besides the garment materials, jute products, wood and cane products, conch-shell products, brass wares and folk dolls and handicrafts belonging to different schools of art as Dokra art etc. Now embellish a large many drawing rooms.

The salient point, however, to be noted in this context, is that each of these schools. In spite of their contiguity has maintained its own distinguishing features down the ages. The handicrafts items are widely marketed by Manjusha, a state Government owned emporia and other establishments as well.




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The use of masks have come down from the primitive ages. The masks generally made here are of mythological character and the material used is paper mache painted in bright colours. They are used for rituals and folk festivals and as decorative items for homes




This is one of the most ancient forms of art in Bengal and the association with religion has given it a different dimension. The traditional potters or "Khumbhakars" have been producing domestic and decorative items by moulding dry and burnt clay over the ages.




Along with many other states, Bengal shares the folk art of Dhokrainitially practiced by a nomadic clan. The technique of Dhokra is "Cire Perdue" or lost wax process in which metal, mainly brass, scrap is used. Traditional folk motifs and techniques have been maintained.




This craft root from a Japanese influence, but has lately gained immense popularity in Bengal. Made with small cloth, cotton & wool, these are used by children and for decorative purposes.




Bengal is famous for it's sholapith items for marriages & festivals and serve as decoration items for wall hangings etc.




Originating in ancient Bengal, These items find a bigger market in cities rather than villages in modern times. the material is mainly used to make furniture and other decorative itmes.




Wood is widely used for making toys and decorative panels. Kalighat dolls & Natungram wood carvings are worth mentioning. Image made in wood relate back to traditional icons, deities some of them stylised to a modern look.

New materials and innovative techniques are being used by the artisans to produce useful and aesthetic products. Folk motifs and ingredients are being effectively used for a greater market.




International Textiles & Garment Fair is the first one-stop opportunity in India for textile professionals and exporters to discover what West Bengal has to offer. ITGF'99 - an unprecedented, high profile extravaganza, where hundreds of weavers and craftsmen come together to meet industry and trade participants and interact on the intricacies of production and concepts that can sell.



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