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Municipal Affairs

West Bengal is one of the most urbanized state in the country with its high density of population. In the state over 186 lakhs(1991) people live in towns and cities, which is 27.39 per cent of the total population of the State. But its uneven spatial distribution, has led to acute urban problems in the Calcutta metropolis and also in other urban areas in the state. The state government has been intervening, in response to the challenge thrown by the continually growing urban problems, through various programmes and schemes implemented through the urban local bodies in conformity with the policy of decentralized process of development as spelt out by this government. The emerging efforts are largely addressed to the urban poor for reaching them out with economic and social opportunities with a view to improving the quality of life of the economically disadvantaged groups in the municipal urban areas.

Municipality  -  105

Notified Areas Authority  - 14

Corporation  -  5

Calcutta Municipal Corporation

Howrah Municipal Corporation  

Chandannagar Municipal Corporation  

Siliguri Municipal Corporation  

Asansol Municipal Corporation


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