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West Bengal today offers a stable power situation. During the last five years there has been a striking improvement in the power supply position in West Bengal. The installed capacity for generation of power, particularly in the thermal sector has grown very significantly in the last few years. As a result West Bengal is now a "Power surplus State" supplying 100 MW of 'off-peak power' to the neighbouring state of Orissa. The total combined thermal power capacity of West Bengal State Electric Supply Board, West Bengal Power Development Corporation Ltd, Calcutta Electricity Corporation, Durgapur Projects Ltd has grown from 1307 MW in 1976 to 3296 MW in 1993. Similarly, capacity in the Central Sector in the Eastern Region which was non-existent in the year 1976, has grown to 1630 MW in 1993. In the last couple of years, new units have been commissioned at Kolaghat, Farakka etc. which have increased the availability of energy in the system. During the next decade, a number of Thermal Power stations are expected to come up at Budge Budge, Bakreswar, Sagardighi and Balagarh. Two Hydel Power Stations in North Bengal will also be commissioned during the present plan period.


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