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Background of the Rationing system

The rationing system in India started on December, 1944, during the British period. Then it was known as “Civil supply department”. 
In the post independence era, the ‘Food Supply Corporation’ was founded, which started their work at the state level. In 1952, the department faced a shifting of authority and 18000 people were sacked from their jobs. Mr. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai was the food minister at that time. However in 1960, it started again. 
In 1966, the ‘Food Corporation of India’ took over the charge of the department. In 1986, the Food supply corporation regained control over it. 
In 1996, the united front govt. played an important role in revamping the rationing system. 

The Govt. divided the total population of the country into two categories viz. 
(I) A.P.L. (Above poverty level) 
(II) B.P.L. (Below poverty level) 

1/3rd of the total population was labelled as ‘Below poverty level’ and price of all the P.D.S. items were redeemed for them, except the price of the sugar. 
Today, the people are getting rice at RS. 4.70 per kg. whereas the APL people get it at RS. 12.00 per kg. The BPL folk are getting wheat at RS. 4.00 per kg whereas the APL ones are getting the same at RS. 11.60 per kg. 
All these items are subsidized by the state govt. 
At first the head office, this department was in the townhall of Calcutta. Now the office is located at 11A, Free School Street. Calcutta – 700 087. 

Rules and Regulations regarding Ration card 

(1) To get a new Ration card, the consumer must produce his/her birth certificate enclosed with the application, addressing Rationing Officer of the local Ration Office. After an enquiry, the card may be issued by the local office. 

(2) In case of any child, the party concerned has to produce his/her birth certificate, as well as the ration card of his/her mother with an application addressing the rationing officer of the local ration office. 

(3) In case of any adult person, the party must produce a recommendation of any reputed personality like M.L.M. or councillor of the area to declare that he/she does not have any existing Ration card in his/her name. 

(4) For obtaining a new card, the consumer has got to fill up a form – R.O. I. 

(5) In case of any change in name or transfer of address, the consumer has to fill up a form R.O.I. In case of transfer, the party must produce a surrender certificate given by the previous ration office. Then it will be treated as his/her new card. 

(6) In case of need of replacement of card due to damages or being lost etc., the party has to fill a Form (F), after making a dairy in the local police station. 

Public grievance cell :
The consumer may complain about any problem regarding collection of ration by dint of ‘public cell’ through an application or addressing – To, The Director, Public Grievance & Assistance Office, Khadya Bhavan, 11A Free School Street, Calcutta – 700 087. 

Utilities of a Ration Card : 
For any major official purpose, the Ration card is an essential document. To get a passport, to issue a card of employment exchange, to open a bank account, to get a trade licence, to get Driving Licence etc, the ration card must be produced. 
It also acts as a document to prove the citizenship of the person concerned. It is also a document to prove one’s state origin.

Public Distribution System Items 
(1) Rice                          
(2) Wheat                      
(3) Sugar                       
(4) Kerosene                 
1 kg 250 gms per head per week.
1 kg per head per week. 
100 gm per head per week.  
2 litres per head per week. 

Area Office throughout Calcutta
(I) Deputy Director of Rationing/Initial Area II :
(1) Shyampukur  Shed no.- 14  11A, Free School Street, Calcutta – 87
(2) Maniktala II  Shed no. – 6 11A, Free School Street, Calcutta – 87
(3) Jorasanko  Shed no. – 6 11A, Free School Street, Calcutta – 87
(4) Burrabazar  Shed no. – 6  11A, Free School Street, Calcutta – 87
(5) Park Street  50, Rippon Street, Calcutta – 16.
(6) Muchipara  70E, Ananda Palit Road, Calcutta – 14.
(7) Beliaghata P-20, Beliaghata Main Road, Calcutta – 85.
(8) Maniktala II 224, A.P.C. Road, Calcutta.
(9) Chitpur  224, A.P.C. Road, Calcutta.
(10) Amherst Street 116 Vivekananda Road, Calcutta – 6.
(11) Cossipore 5 K.C. Road, Calcutta – 2
(12) Burrabazar  3 Baipuntha Sen Lane, Burrabazar, Calcutta. 
(II) Deputy Director of Rationing/Initial Area I :
(1) Bhawanipore  51B, Kali Temple Road, Calcutta – 16
(2) Wartgunge 52B, Kali Temple Road, Calcutta – 26.
(3) Behala West  15A, S,M. Roy Road, Calcutta – 38.
(4) Garden Reach B-193 Garden Reach, Calcutta – 24 
(5) Tollygunge 145, Regent Park, Calcutta – 40.
(6) Jadavpur 40A, Southand Park, Calcutta – 29.
(7) Haltu  CIT Complex, Jadavpur.
(8) Ballygunge 24 Hindustan Park, Calcutta – 29. 
(9) Behala East P-656 Tollygunge Circular Road, Cal – 53.
(10) Beniapukur 5/10C Rifle Range Road, Cal – 19.
(11) New Alipore  12, Peary Mohan, Calcutta – 27.


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