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Relief and Rehabilitation

The State of West Bengal is often hard pressed by the natural calamities like floods and droughts. Such a devastating flood occurred during June-August, 1978, followed by a terrible drought in May,1979. The dreadful flood surpassed all previous records of wanton and widespread destruction. The terrific cyclone of 1985 brought about in its trail a widespread devastation in the districts of 24-Parganas and Midnapore. To meet the above mentioned crisis, the Department of Relief by undertaking extensive relief planning and relief work set an example of incomparable success. The State Government has taken up the issue of providing shelters to the people affected in the event of natural calamities in the flood and cyclone-prone areas.



After partition the influx of refugees practically started since 1946 in West Bengal. Consequently the soci-economic equilibrium of this state has been disturbed and created pressure on the limited financial resources of this state. To cope with this problem Left Front Government has laid great importance on refugee rehabilitation. Many beneficiary steps like Development of colonies, Legislation of Squatter Colonies, Distribution of rights of land etc. have been undertaken by the State Government to rehabilitate the refugees.


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