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Rural Development

Alleviation of poverty is one of the most important programmes of the Government Serious effort of the State Government has resulted in faster decline of number of people living below the poverty line compared to the rest of the country. Although many factors are responsible for such rapid decline in incidence of poverty, the most crucial factors are related to successful implementation of poverty alleviation programmes. Amongst the poverty alleviation programmes, the most important are the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) and Jawhar Rozgar Yojana along with the land reforms.


Under IRDP , 26.87 lakhs families have been extended credit for starting income generating activities, till the end of March'93. While Rs 447.96 crores has been extended as subsidy from the Government, Rs 816.97 crores has been mobilised as credit from banks. Thus total investment of Rs 1264.93 crores has been made by 26.87 lakhs families for improving their economic condition. During the year 1992-93, 1,71,695 families were given assistance under IRDP. Out of those families, 40.8% belonged to SC & ST categories and 44.83% belong to women. In order that the people living below poverty line can acquire sufficient skill for improving their ability to ear, 15,224 number of youths were given training under TRYSEM during 1992-93. Such training was given in 67 different trades. To give special emphasis development of women and children, the DWCRA( Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas) programme is under implementation in 12 districts of the state. 2499 women groups have been formed in the state till the end of the March, 1993. Nearly 38,000 women have been able to improve the quality of life with the help of this programme.


To augment income of large number of families still living below poverty line, scope of additional employment is provided to them through Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, the programme was launched during 1989-90. Till march, 1993, Rs 536.36 crores has been spent in this state and 1567.65 lakhs mandays have been generated in the process. Nearly 60% of the benefited families belong to landless categories. To give further emphasis on rural employment generation, Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS) have been launched in 128 blocks of this state. At least 100 days was employment to any willing person in those areas will be provided under this programme.


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