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  • Thank you for ordering our goods / service in our Website. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.

  • Orders payable in advance.

  • All printing errors and/or omission must be brought to the attention of the company within fifteen (15) days from the date of uploading of the website, failing to which the entry will be deemed as correct.

  • The issuance of an official invoice constitutes the publisher’s acceptance of an order.

  • The applicant agrees to pay (P) Ltd. through crossed cheque/DD payable at calcutta, the charge for each advertising item as specified on face of this application, plus all state and local taxes attributable thereto, based upon sales or receipts, (P) Ltd. reserves the right to require payment in advance for the charges for directory advertising for any one issue.

  • (P) Ltd. reserves the right at all times to reject or discontinue advertising matter.

  • The applicant agrees that (P) Ltd. shall not be liable for errors in or omissions of the directory advertising beyond the amount paid for the directory advertising omitted, or in which errors occur, for the issue life of the directory involved.

  • (P) Ltd. reserves the right to make changes in yellowpages headings which is its SOLE judgement will best solve the purpose of the directory.

  • (P) Ltd. does not guarantee the position of display advertisements.

  • The applicant warrants that he (it) is duly authorized to engage in the business or profession designated and further warrants that he (it) is the owner of and entitled to use, or duly authorized by the owner of and entailed to use the copy, cuts and illustrations and any trademarks, service marks and trade names which may be specified for use in the activities associated with yellowpages heading or brand names listed on the fact here of. The applicant agrees to notify (P) Ltd. in writing of any change in such ownership or authorization. The applicant agrees to defend, indemnity and keep (P) Ltd. harmless from all claims, losses and judgements which arise from or which are claimed to have arisen from the use of such copy, cuts, illustrations, marks and names in directory, together with the expenses, attorney fees and court costs incurred by (P) Ltd.

  • The application shall become a contract which when signed by the applicant and accepted by (P) Ltd. neither (P) Ltd. nor the advertiser shall be bound by way of agreement or understanding not expressed herein.

  • The applicant assumes sole responsibility to protection hit (its) copyright in any writing, pictorial, illustration; design format, photograph or combination thereof included in his (its) advertisement(s).

  • Unless the parties hereto otherwise agrees in writing, the copy, cuts, illustrations and other artworks excluding trademarks use in preparation of the applicant’s directory advertising, are property of (P) Ltd. and further the applicant agrees that the directory advertising specified on the face of the application mat not be reproduced or assigned for reproduction in whole or in part, without the express prior written consent of (P) Ltd. and further, the applicant agrees that any copyright obtained by (P) Ltd., the provisions of which encompass the directory advertising specified on the face of the application and which appear in any directory uploaded by or for (P) Ltd. is intended for the sole benefit of (P) Ltd.

  • The mechanical data is subject to change by the company without any binding.

  • The agreement is subject to force majeure clause.

  • In case of any dispute the courts in Calcutta only will have jurisdiction.

  • The advertisement must conform to the names of decency, refined taste and must not be obscene or otherwise unlawful in any manner.


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