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Foot Clinic :

Diabetic Foot Assessment

The most common cause of foot ulcers are nerve damage, foot deformities, poor blood flow and injury to the foot.

Some simple  tests are done to assess the diabetic foot.

 DOPPLER STUDY ( Ankle/Brachial Index)

A simple test to assess  the status of blood flow to the feet. Ischaemia of the feet increases the risk of infection, slows the healing process and may lead to gangrene and also amputation.

Neuropathic assessment :

Elevated blood glucose over a period of time is a major cause of damage to the nerves and is called neuropathy.
Due to neuropathy or damage to the nerves a patient is not able to feel any pain in the feet.This is very dangerous as any injury to the foot like pricking of nail, burns sustained while walking barefoot to temples or other religious places will go unnoticed.
To determine the state of the nerves of the feet we do some simple tests.


Vibration Perception Test

Hot and Cold Perception Test



This is a very advanced test to the pressure of the feet. A diabetic patient whose has increased planter pressure ( foot pressure) is at a very high risk of having foot ulcers. This test can assess the foot pressure and accordingly modified or customized footwear is provided to the patient to reduce the pressure.
This test is only done at our centre in whole of eastern India.





“Therapeutic footwear insoles reduce plantar pressure and the rate of new foot ulcers in patients with diabetes”.

“Use of this footwear is recommended to reduce ulceration and consequently, the amputation rate in diabetic population”.

We provide all kind of footwear for diabetic patients at reasonable rates.

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