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Profile :

S.K. Diabetes Research & Education Centre at S. V. S. Marwari Hospital is the first of its kind in Eastern India and provides better care to ensure the best possible treatment for all diabetics. In the center, a team of health care professionals, ophthalmologist and consultants of other disciplines, work collaboratively to evolve a treatment plan that is practical for each person. The philosophy of care is to empower people so that they can self-manage there diabetes on a day- to -day basis in a way that incorporates their preference of food and life-style. The center always addresses issues such as stress management, role of family members, depression and sexual dysfunction to help improve the overall well-being of the person. Care is usually provided using a structural approach of varying durations as mentioned below.


  • Diabetes care as per the latest guidelines of the American diabetes association and the International diabetes Federation (Europe).
  • Comprehensive investigations for early detection and treatment of diabetic complications.
  • Goal-oriented management of blood glucose, lipids and blood pressure to help prevent or delay diabetes complications.
  • Extensive diabetes self-management training on the interaction between food, physical activity and insulin action and the effect on blood glucose control.
  • Use of self-monitoring of blood glucose for optimizing diabetes control.

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