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Open Arms Educational & Charitable Trust is registered. It is a Non-Profit, Non-Political, as well as a Non-Governmental Organization. Being secular in nature, it caters to people of all faiths, irrespective of religious beliefs, caste or class, with special emphasis on marginalized communities in the city and suburbs of Kolkata.


We envision our role as facilitators of parity, in areas of neglect, bias, gender discrimination and societal indifference and our commitment is to concentrate our energies and resources on not only bridging the socio-economical divide so blatantly conspicuous all around, but to work shoulder-to-shoulder with those we intend to serve and empower through education, vocational training and related provisions within the ambit of our field of influence, potential and resources

Open Arms Educational & Charitable Trust, a registered, non-political and non-Governmental Organization is at the service of all poor and marginalized children, youth and adults, irrespective of caste or creed.This 15-year old NGO can rightly boast of what service it has been able to render to the needy of society, especially in the city and suburbs of Kolkata, in the educational, vocational, health-care and empowerment areas. Congratulations on these achievements for the welfare of the poor.
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