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Kolkata-700 091, West Bengal, India
Phone No. : 91-33-2359 1716 / 0 98318 29563
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Mrs Ranjana Mitra was born in Moulmein, Burma in 1942. Father Mr. Ajit Kumar Guha ,a renowned advocate and mother Mrs. Lila Guha, a singer and a sacial worker,had to leave Burma during the World War II, on foot along the hills and forests of Akiyab to reach the shores of Chittagong (Bangladesh). He then came to Calcutta with a job in the senior civil service offered by the British Govt. After Partition , displaced for the second time from East Pakistan, he finally settled in Calcutta with his family and other relatives.

Ranjana Mitra nee Guha started her primary education in a Christian Montessori house and then admitted to St. John’s Diocesan Girls High School, Calcutta. She was also having her Dance Training in the renowned Institute-"Bengal Music College" at Hindustan Road, Gariahat and she got her Dance Diploma ‘Nritya Probha’ in 1952. She passed the School Final in 1957 and B.A. (Hons) in 1961 and M.A. in 1963 in Mental and Moral Philosophy. She served as a selection Grade lecturer in a college for 36 year. She retired as head of department in philosophy. Born and brought up in a cultural atmosphere in her family she inherited the aptitude in music and drama from her parents. She was trained in vocal music from her childhood and got a diploma in Rabindrasangeet from ‘Daksinee’, Kolkata in 1979. She had a flair for Writing poems and articles from a very tender age.


Now she has got a publication of Books:- Books of poem
1. Aniket (Amra Sobai Publication)
2. Kotha Baje Shabdo Saje (Proma)
3. Bedon Banshi Uthlo baje (Arunima)
4. Jate Jate Ekla Pathe (Sahajatri)

5. Joar Bhanta (Sarang)

Story : Bhuture Hansi and Ananda Basanta Samagame (Bharbi & Sahjatri)                      "Sahitya Bisari" - Little Magazine
Drama Recital : Rabindra sruti (Prataya)
Articles : Manan Bunan

Environmental Study : Prani o Paribesh (Viswagnan)

Ranjana Mitra has edited some little magazines:-
1. Amra Sabai
2. Saptarasmi
3. Thikana

4. Rishimukh - Spritual monthly from 'Art of Living'
Now she is the Editor of "Sahitya Bisari" a little magazine of quality.

She also translates Poetries and articles from Bengali to English and vice versa and also Hindi to Bengali.

She Participated in solo dance recitals, dance dramas and dramas from her childhood.She directed many of such dramas and dance drama from Tagore’s and also her own composition .She was attached to a group theater and acted in prominent roles in many classic dramas like Bansari, Gora,Bisarjan(Sacrifice in English by Tagore), Pather Debi(Saratchandra) etc. She performed the role of Desdimona in Othello (400th birth centenrary year, 1964 of Shakespear) and in many others.

She is a psychological, counceller and a talker in All India Radio (Kolkata), and participated in literary discussions on T.V (D.D.Bangla). She was awarded Kusumkumari and Ashutosh Ghatak lecture honour, P.E.N (West Bengal), Ganesh smriti Prabanda Puraskar(Bidhannagar Sambad) and Ranjit Pal Award for story writting, P.E.N. (2007) and many other awards from Prativas, Academy of Bengali Poetry etc. Awarded by Nehru Children Museum for Rabindra Sangeet arranged for Senior Citizens.

She has recited her own poems along with other eminent poets in a number of Cassets and C.D’S.

"Sahitya Bisari"- The Little Magazine-

Sahitya Bisari is the famous Bengali Little Magazine. All types of Literary creation of famous personalities are published in this magazine.






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