Jadavpur Jeevan Jyoti Foundation

The year 2013*14 has been very eventful and passed quickly, week by week, month after month with exciting activities all over we have began our journey for the service of mankind many years ago.

It is indeed pleasure for me in involving myself, once again, with various ongoing activities of JADAVPUR JEEVAN JYOTI FOUNDATION.

As one of the foundation members of JADAVPUR JEEVAN JYOTI FOUNDATION, I used to share my thoughts, vision and common dream of making JADAVPUR JEEVAN JYOTI FOUNDATION, a peoples organisation, a platform for meeting of the poor, for their own upliftment, a platform for interfaith and multiracial amity, a platform for inter * party solidarity for the betterment of the common people of the country and thereby of the World.

Our Achievement :
Inspired by Swami Vivekananda concern for (he less fortunate, the Societies mission is the alleviation of human suffering — a lofty charge with endless possibilities.

To translate this vast goal into manageable and meaningful day-today practice, the board of directors has selected priority areas upon which to focus its efforts, including Basic Health Care.

Food Security. Economic Empowerment, Blindness. Water Development, Early Childhood Development, and Education, Domestic Violence. Homelessncss, and Substance Abuse.
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  • Taking part in promoting education for the children     hailing from destitute families.
  • Making people aware of the rights, duties, responsibilities as an individual, a villager, a citizen
  • Providing preventive, promotive and curative health care services for the people in general and women and children in specific.
  • Empowering the rural women through micro-finance and micro entrepreneurship development programme.
  • Imparting vocational training for rural youth with a view to making them self - supportive including acquiring skill suited to their needs, priorities and capabilities.
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