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Proctosafe  Clinic
Multidisciplinary Speciality Clinic for Anorectal Diseases
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Dr Arnab Ray
MS(Ayu.) PHD
Consultant-Proctology (Ayurveda)
Assistant Professor
J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata


Tuesday-Saturday: 4pm-8pm (by appointment)
Sunday: 10am-1pm (by appointment)


Dr K N Das
General Surgeon
Formerly, Head of the Dept. of Surgery
Medical College, Kolkata


Wednesday: 4pm-6pm (by appointment)


Dr Krishanu Samanta

Expert in Anorectal Surgery (Ksharasutra technique)
Medical Officer, Amdanga Hospital


Tuesday-Saturday: 6pm-8pm (by appointment)


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