Antibiotic VDR Elisa kits

Antibiotic VDR Elisa kits

Hazardous residues and contaminants can enter seafood through the environment, during processing, or during production through preventive or misuse of veterinary drugs in aquaculture. Analysis of chemical contaminants such as veterinary residues, toxins, pesticides, and other compounds is an essential part of seafood & aquaculture food safety programs. With shifting consumer preferences towards antibiotic free products, processors must verify antibiotic and hormone free marketing claims, and ensure conformity with country of export regulatory requirements. We provide all the necessary Antibiotic Residue Elisa kits, covering Nitrofurans, Chloramphenicol, Tetracycline etc.

Why doctors perform a VDRL test

Your doctor will most likely order a VDRL test if there's a chance you have syphilis. Early symptoms that may prompt your doctor to order this test include:

1. One Small, Painless Sore

2. Swelling In Lymph Nodes Near The Sore

3. A Skin Rash That Doesn't Itch

In other cases, your doctor may screen for syphilis even if you don't have any symptoms or reasons to think you have the disease. For example, your doctor will screen for syphilis as a routine part of your care if you're pregnant. This is a standard procedure, and it doesn't mean your doctor thinks you have syphilis.

Your doctor may also test you for syphilis if you're being treated for another STI such as gonorrhea, if you're infected with HIV, or if you've engaged in high-risk sexual activity. If you've already been treated for syphilis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Trusted Source recommend follow-up testing to be sure that the treatment worked and the infection has been cured.

Materials provided with Syphilis (TPA) IgM ELISA test kit:

1. Microwell strips: Wells coated with Treponema pallidum antigen

2. Sample Diluent

3. IgG-RF-Sorbent: Contains antihuman IgG-class antibody

4. Syphilis IgM EIA Positive Control

5. Syphilis IgM EIA Negative Control

6. Syphilis IgM EIA Cut-off Control

7. Enzyme Conjugate: antibody to human IgM conjugated to HRP

8. Substrate Solution: TMB

9. Stop Solution: 0.2 mol/l H2SO4

10. Wash Solution: 20X