Bag Mixer and Bags

Bag Mixer

Bag Mixer is the most effective lab blender for microbiological analyses. It guarantees optimal bacterial extraction of solid samples. Thanks to the unique adjustable paddle system, the blending chamber adapts perfectly to the nature and the size of the sample.

Avoiding all risks of cross-contamination, Bag Mixer 400 W is an easy-to-use and powerful lab blender. Adapted to all kinds of applications and with a guarantee of optimal bacterial extraction, it is a great tool for lab analyses!

High-quality products

INTERSCIENCE is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of solutions for quick and safe microbiological analyses in food, agro-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetical, veterinary, medical, clinical, environmental and chemical analyses. Our products are used for collecting and testing any solid sample and get bacterial results with full traceability.

Leadership in R&D for innovation

Our R&D center is the heart of our company, with more than a 3rd of our team dedicated to making the best products on the market with innovation that matters to our clients in labs.

Business values

INTERSCIENCE has its international headquarters in France, direct sales capacities worldwide and sales offices in USA (Boston, MA), China (Shanghai) and Singapore. The rest of the world is covered by an excellent distributor network trained for sales and support.

Flexi Pump

Flexi Pump is a peristaltic pump with enhanced accuracy for the dispensing of culture media, agar and any type of diluent. Compact and ergonomic, it comes with a user-friendly interface.

1. Dispensing mode : Continuous - Dose - Multi-dose

2. Dose volume : from 50 pL to 99.9 L

3. Flow rate : up to 1.25 Limn

DiluFlow Pro

The DiluFlow Pro automatically dilutes a solid sample in seconds, with the appropriate weight of diluent, up to a total weight of 5 kg. Its robotic arm enables easy work under a laminar flow cabinet.

Colony Counter

Scan 100 enables the accurate counting of colonies on any type of media. The integrated USB key enables to export the results to guarantee traceability.

1. Counting on Petri dishes (0 55 to 150 mm), PetriFilmTM, MC-media PadsTM, Compact DryTM, filtration membranes

2. White LED lighting with adjustable intensity

3. Data export via USB, LIMS, ExcelTM