Most Trusted Bearing Supplier in India.Manufacturer of MRC Plummer Block. The Most Reliable and Trusted Brand in India , Approved by NTPC

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Most Trusted Bearing Supplier in India.Manufacturer of MRC Plummer Block. The Most Reliable and Trusted Brand in India , Approved by NTPC

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A roller bearing having a tapered bore is mounted on a straight shaft using either an Adapter Sleeve assembly, or a Withdrawal Sleeve. Mounting a bearing on a sleeve also permits maximum flexibility in the axial positioning of the bearing on the shaft and can accommodate light locational thrust loads.

An Adapter or a Withdrawal Sleeve mounted bearing requires the correct reduction of Radial Internal Clearance of the bearing so as to prevent relative motion amongst the bearing inner ring, the sleeve and the shaft. Non-compliance with proper mounting procedures will invariably lead to hot running of the bearing and subsequently to it's premature failure.

Both the Adapter and the Withdrawal Sleeves have cylindrical bore and tapered outer surface, with threading on one side of the outer surface, and are slit along the length. While the Adapter Sleeve has the threading on the small diameter side of the taper, the Withdrawal Sleeve has the threading on the larger diameter side. Thus, the Adapter Sleeve facilitates easy mounting of the bearing, while the Withdrawal Sleeve is normally used to ensure easy dismounting of the bearing, hence it's name.

An Adapter Sleeve assembly consists of the Sleeve, a Lock Nut and a Lock Washer, because the Lock Nut is needed first to drive the bearing up the tapered sleeve, and then to lock it in position with the help of the Lock Nut. A Withdrawal Sleeve, on the other hand, does not necessarily need the Lock Nut and the Lock Washer for it's assembly with the bearing and the shaft, and hence is supplied without them. However, a Withdrawal Nut may required to remove the Withdrawal Sleeve from the bearing, and in that case, it has to be ordered separately.

The life of a bearing not only depends on the quality of the bearing, but on several other factors as well, which are equally important, such as :

a) Machining Accuracy:

For the bearing to achieve life, the contact between it's bore and the Sleeve as well as that between the bore of the Sleeve and the Shaft should be between 85% to 90% of the contact surfaces. Hence the correctness of the taper and cylindricity of the bore of the sleeve as well as the concentricity and finishing along with perfect roundness, play a great role in achieving the contact area parameter.

b) Material :

The Sleeves should be made from Carbon Steel as per established International Standard

MRC Sleeves are manufactured from originally processed raw material (C20/C30) and machined in CNC machines to achieve the required machining accuracy and the surface finish, so that contact area is fully maintained to provide projected service life to the Bearing.

Bearing Housing and Sleeve together is an ideal combination to meet and enhance service life criteria of Bearings.

N.B.: Beyond all sizes of sleeve (metric & inch) hydraulic type are also available.

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