Panache Hair Shoppe

Panache Hair Shoppe

Non-surgical Hair replacement system.


Know Why to go for hair fixing treatment ?

Hair fixing is an excellent way to cover baldness of all age groups or convenient in both male pattern model hair loss and females suffering from hair thinning. Hair fixing attachment can be done without surgery, this process is painless and after this treatment, you can do all regular activities without any restrictions. It gives an amazingly natural look, it is superior for partial baldness the individuals who are suffering from irreversible baldness or hair loss can go for this procedure.

It is advanced non-surgical hair replacement way to cover up baldness area, we only use best quality and skin friendly silicon adhesive to fix hair patch. After this treatment you can travel in an open vehicle, swim and shampoo your hair regularly. Price of hair fixing is fully based on a quality of hair, a patient can pick according to their budget.