Panache Hair Shoppe

Panache Hair Shoppe

Non-surgical Hair replacement system.


Non-surgical technique

A fast method to treat baldness

Quick results

Low Cost

The easy way to get long and voluminous hairs

Various Colors and textures available


Can be done in no time

Done by professionals

Low Maintenance

Skin friendly tapes are used

How long do hair tapes last?

Generally, tape in hair extensions can remain in your hair for between six and eight weeks, at which point you will need to go back to your centre to have them re-taped to the appropriate length.

How do you make tape extensions last longer?

Here are the best tape in hair extensions hacks to keep your hair extensions healthy and last you a long time :
1. Washing your Remy tape in hair extensions correctly. ...
2. Avoid Sleeping with Wet Extensions. ...
3. Correct Sleeping Routine. ...
4. Keep Up With Maintenance Appointments. ...
5. Avoid Excess Heat Styling To Prevent Heat Damage

How do you sleep with tapes?

1. Make Sure Hair Is Completely Dry. ...
2. Brush Before Bed. ...
3. Use a Silk Pillowcase. ...
4. Braid the Hair. ...
5. Use a Leave-In Conditioner. ...
6. Treat Before Styling.