A NGO working since 1975

The main objective in our work is to Diagnose and Treat all available patients (Leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS and Diabetes Mellitus, Mother and Child health care) cure the Patients by Treatment, using modern Drug combination. We also cater to major concerning social issues. Mentionable are inhuman Child Trafficking, Child Education, Child Labour and Contagious Domestic Violence.

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We at GRECALTES are a non profit organization offering our services since 1975. The thriving backbone of our activities are as mentioned above. These are the categories, we address as macro public health issues. We not only interrupt the transmission of the disease but emphatically and methodically cure the diseases using a Combination of modern Drug Amenities.

We undertake the following Activities -

National Leprosy Eradication Program under Govt. of India.

National TB Elimination Program under Govt. of India.

Prevention of HIV/ AIDS and Diabetes Mellitus & Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.

A Mother builds up the foundation of a Society, the legacy carried on by her Child. So Mother and Child Health Care are on our top rank agenda.

We cater to Pivotal Social Issues like Child Education And Prevention Of Child Trafficking.

Operational Research: - Rendering service is our prime activity and we add continue to add value by regular ‘Introspection’ across the above mentioned fields to achieve our set targets through in-depth research activities.

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