Common Breast Diseases:

The most common problem faced is of breast pain. This is often also associated with lumpiness of the breasts.

The medical term for breast pain is mastalgia or sometimes mastodynia. The pain is mostly due to swelling of the breast glands under the influence of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone, and often occurs before the onset of menstruation.

The lumpiness of the breasts is also most often due to the influence of the above hormones. They cause a cyclical growth and regression of the breast glands during every menstrual cycle. This sometimes causes scarring (fibrosis) to occur along with the formation of small fluid collections known as cysts. Together this is known as the fibrocystic breast condition. (Previously known as fibrocystic breast disease but called a condition now as these changes are found to some extant in all women.)

Most importantly all of the above are not associated with breast cancer.


Diagram showing the structures in the breast

  • Breast Lobule:  The glands that produce milk, and the swelling /growth of which cause pain and lumps.
  • Lactiferous Ducts: tubes which bring the milk to the nipple.
  • Coopers Ligaments: thin strands which hold the breast to the chest wall. These are not very strong and therefore external breast support with proper fitting bras is needed to prevent sagging.
  • Pectoralis major and minor: muscles of the chest wa


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