Reconstruction and Cosmetic Breast Surgery:

It is now possible with plastic surgery techniques to reconstruct the breast after it has been removed.
Basically tissue from around the chest wall is brought around to form the new breast.


Reconstruction on the left side
along with nipple graft
Right side has beed reduced in
size to match the sizes.

Bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy for lobular carcinoma–
reconstruction with silicone implant


Surgery to Correct Breast Size and Shape


Women with no breast disease also often suffer from excessively large breasts— breast hypertrophy. Along with all the difficulties with body image there is also often other attendant problems like back and shoulder pain, skin rash etc.

Reduction of the breast size can easily be achieved by a low risk surgery.This procedure is very safe and needs only one day hospitalization. The residual scars are hidden.There is also no problems with subsequent breast feeding in case this surgery is done for young women.

Increase of the size of the breast can also be done by inserting a silicone implant.

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