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We are a group of Experienced Doctors and Yoga-stress management consultants
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  We expertise in giving solutions to all Memory & Stress related problems. REWIREMIND is currently in the driving seat for trying to motivate it’s participants in the way its usefulness through the psycho-analysis, Psychiatric consultancy and Yoga-Stress management classes. There are also special sections for students from any academic sector / corporate people and professionals / Dementia, Alzheimer, Other Pathological and Traumatic memory loss etc. We give you the best solutions for mental as well as physical stress related problems.
  We are a multidisciplinary team aimed at focussing our collaborative efforts for nurturing and guiding students to excel in academic sphere. REWIREMIND develops memory power for not only students but also of various memory related clinical conditions in other groups. These may be Pathological and Traumatic memory loss etc. Our team also aims at STRESS MANAGEMENT for professionals/executives.
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