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Dr. Anupam Chakrapani

MD(Medicine), DM(CMC Vellore)
Specialised SCT Training, MD Anderson Cancer Center (Texas,USA)
Consultant Haematology and Programme Co-ordinator BMT
Dept of Hematology and BMT, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
Ex: Senior Consultant Tata Medical Center Kolkata
ADDRESS: 58 Canal Circular Road, Kolkata-700054, West Bengal , India

 Tata Medical Center Kolkata

+91 70442 76542






1) Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm Presenting as Fever with Diffuse Cutaneous Nodules. C V Dincy Peter, Anupam Chakrapani,1 Sanjeev Shah,2 Apurva Shah,2 and Alok Srivastava1 Indian J Dermatol. 2012 Jan-Feb; 57(1): 45–47.

2) Microbiology in Patients Undergoing Stem Cell Transplantation in the First Year of a Tertiary Care Comprehensive Cancer Centre From India Vivek S. Radhakrishnan, Mammen Chandy, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Saurabh Jayant Bhave, Anupam Chakrapani Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation February 2013 Vol. 19, Issue 2, Supplement, Page S269

3) Prevalence of antibiotic resistant strains in fecal surveillance cultures of patients from a new tertiary care cancer center in eastern part of India. ASCO Annual Meeting J Clin Oncol 31, 2013 (suppl; abstr e20686) Author(s): Vivek Sulekha Radhakrishnan, Gaurav Goel, Dipmala Das, Sriram Ravichandran, Vishvdeep Khushoo, Saurabh Jayant Bhave, Anupam Chakrapani, Reena Nair, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Mammen Chandy; Tata Memorial Centre, Kolkata, India

4) The Leukemias Chapter 10 in de Gruchy,s Textbook of Clinical Hematology in medical practice ,Sixth Edition Wiley

5) Myeloablative Conditioning Using IV Busulphan with Post Transplant Cyclophosphamide Is Feasible: mammen Chandy, Anupam Chakrapani, Sumit Goyal, Reena Nair, et al. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 2104 Vol. 20, Issue 2, Supplement, Page S217

6) MDRO infection the major hurdle to acute myeloid leukemia induction therapy :Experience of a tertiary care comprehensive cancer center from India.
A Chakrapani1,*, M Chandy1, S Bhattacharya2, D Mishra3 1Clinical Hematology, 2Clinical Microbiology, 3Lab Hematology, TATA MEDICAL CENTER, KOLKATA, India | haematologica | 2014; 99(s1) page:308

7) Multiple lymphomatous polyposis: Characteristic endoscopic features Shah Aiman & Anupam Chakrapani & Satyakam Sawaimoon & Saugata Sen & Mammen Chandy & Suvadip Chatterjee Indian J Gastroenterol 2014 Sept Online

8) Candida Parapsilosis in peripheral blood Neeraj Arora, Mayur Parihar, Deepak Mishra, Sanjay Bhattacharya1, Anupam Chakrapani2 I N D I A N J O U R N A L O F P A T H O L O G Y A N D M I C R O B I O L O G Y - 5 7 ( 4 ) , O C T O B E R - D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 4

9) Classical Hodgkin lymphoma with coexistantplasma cell neoplasm: A case report Neeraj Arora, Indu Arun1, Anupam Chakrapani2, Reena Nair2 I N D I A N J O U R N A L O F P A T H O L O G Y A N D M I C R O B I O L O G Y - 5 7 ( 4 ) , O C T O B E R - D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 4

10) Resolution of Serologic Problems Due to Cold Agglutinins in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Rizwan Javed1 • Suvro Sankha Datta1 • Sabita Basu1 • Anupam Chakrapani2 Accepted: 13 January 2016 _ Indian Society of Haematology & Transfusion Medicine 2016

11) Low Incidence of Central Venous Catheter–Related Bloodstream Infections in Stem Cell Transplant Patients in Eastern India Despite High Community Burden of Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens
Mita Roychowdhury, Jeevan Kumar, Anupam Chakrapani, Saurabh Jayant Bhave, Shekhar Krishnan, Robin Thambudorai, Sanjay Bhattacharya and Mammen Chandy Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology February 2016,

12) lasma cell leukaemia: a management conundrum Sriram Ravichandran1,*, Monali Gupta2, Mayur Parihar3, Anupam Chakrapani1, Reena Nair1 and Mammen Chandy1 OCMR: December 2014

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