Sahomormi Charitable Trust

Sahomormi Charitable Trust

A Care centre for Old Age Disorder where bonding is Perfect & Persons find Home away from Home!

Care Center - Bose Para Kader Asram, Kodalia, Kolkata - 700146

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Becoming a Resident

Eligibility of a Member for Admission to Sahomormi Charitable Trust Care Centre

1) Any elderly person around 50 years of age suffering from some disorder affecting normal daily life, supported by documents of proof, like

- Photo ID
-Voter ID
-mAadhar Card and Passport
- Permanent address proof
- Authentic Medical Test Reports
- Proof of financial status
- Family support and
- All Identification particulars of Co-applicant/ Guarantor (conditions apply).

2) Normal healthy individuals, lacking domestic support, might also be considered as Member in a very deserving case. In such case Monthly charges / Deposits might vary on discretion of SCT Care Centre.

3) Persons with infectious disease or severe mental illness are ineligible.

Admission Procedure -

1) All application have to be submitted by the Applicant himself or herself duly countersigned by the near relative and/or local friend who would bear all responsibilities of the Applicant Member, like monthly charges / commitments, security deposits, and continuity of Mediclaim support, if any, who also should be liable for taking care of the applicant in case of emergency and also be liable for extra financial liabilities, if any. In case, Co-applicant resides outside, local guardian is to be appointed by the Co-applicant.

2) If the intended Applicant is not capable to put his signature he or she should put his or her LTI in the application form which should be authenticated by the person liable for his or her admission as mentioned above under his own signature with relationship.

3) Only primary care support / food etc. would be provided by SCT Care Centre, during stay of a Member. Special consultation with Doctor, if necessary. hospitalization on his/her recommendation, appointment of Special Care Attendant, etc. or any other extra charges, if found necessary, would have tobe separately paid for. In case of admission to Hospital, (which may be any one out of approved list of SCT Care Centre, or one suggested by the family of the Member, if so feasible). Countersigning family Member / Local Guardian / Guarantor, if any must take over thereafter for further treatment, care giving. etc. till Member is shifted back to the care home. All such additional cost would be responsibility of Countersigning family Member / Local Guardian /Guarantor and the family.

4) Please bear that on any emergency. SCTs responsibility would be limited only to provide admission for hospitalization and on being informed of such eventuality, Co applicant/ Local Guardian / Family must respond strictly within the time period that would be intimated. There shall not be any delay on some pretext or the other, as criticality, of member patient might be involved. Otherwise, on the basis of health condition of the concerned member patient SCT would be free to act on its own, based on Doctor's recommendation in specific such cases. Further, any procedures recommended by SCT's approved Doctor for the healthcare of Member would be binding on the Member/ Co applicant / family.

5) Two passport sized photographs are required to be submitted for both applicant and the co-applicant/ Local guardian, who would in fact function as the local Guardian in all respects and act as single point contact with SCT. He / She would also arrange meeting of family members with SCT initially and periodically, as & when desired.


It would be necessary in those cases where Applicant, and/or the Co. applicant, in view of SCT, are not able to fully meet full expenses on SCT's discretion. SCT Committee might as a very special case, permit a Guarantor to meet the costs, if so proposed, and he/she would be separately interviewed in such cases as Guarantor, regarding his/her status & worth, who would be equally responsible to honor all obligations, irrespective of Applicant/ Co-Applicant. In such cases separate Agreement would be prescribed as per legal provisions in such cases.