Sahomormi Charitable Trust

Sahomormi Charitable Trust

A Care centre for Old Age Disorder where bonding is Perfect & Persons find Home away from Home!

Care Center - Bose Para Kader Asram, Kodalia, Kolkata - 700146

Call + 91 98301 74963 / 87774 34254 / 94326 69831

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About Sahomormi Charitable Trust

Sahomormi – the Unique Old Age Care Centre with human touch. It dedicates itself in a humble way to the Emerging Challenges of especially ageing with Physical and /or Mental Disorder.

It is out experience that Health in Old age is affected adversely by both social (AGEISM) and economic issues, besides inherent fallout of biological decline.

The Aim of Health Care of Elderly, or near elderly, at Sahomormi is to provide quality services almost akin to that available at own home, We take special care to see that care is tailored to each person’s need, in terms of Physician Consultation, Paramedical Services, Medications and Psychological well being.

Families in these days are fragmented due to wider Employment Opportunities, more of Women going out of Work, so that home care support primarily looked after by Homemakers earlier, is no longer easily available. Thus care homes have come to occupy a very significant part in our modern lives for aged persons, with rising life expectancy. One of the three possibilities is generally chosen by them:

Staying in own Home with support of trained external help usually costly
Moving with children in alien places, which often is not so liked
Moving into care homes for 24/7 support at reasonable cost.

The Third alternative is increasingly occupying vital importance in our social setup. But affordability and reasonably good care are the most important criteria. Here comes Sahomormi’s clinching winning point as one may judge for oneself.

Sahomormi offers real Geriatric Care with true assessment and has put in practice, over the last decade and a half, an efficient system with dedicated staff as also guidance of a responsive Management.

Sahomormi Charitable Trust