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Sextual Myths &
This Chapter clarifies some of the common myths and misconceptions which young people have ...
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Male Erectile
In recent years, the importance of physical factors in the aetiopathogenesis of male...
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First Night
The first night or 'honeymoon night' of the marriage traditionally means the first sextual encount...
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Human Sextual
It is just forty years that Human Sextual Response has been Scientifically documented after ...
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Sexual Well being is a fundamental part of human well being and

health. Take adequate care of female sexual disorder.

The study of human sexuality is not a recent interest. The history of sexual medicine is the history of human existence; the thread of sexuality is woven deeply in its fabric.

Sex is a mystery. It is a fascinating subject to study when you think of the fact that life would come to a halt without this most natural of instincts. The prime purpose of sex is survival.

Over the years, therapeutic approaches to help people with sexual problems have changed, indicating new findings and therefore, progress in the study of human sexuality. The emphasis of psychoanalysis or physical treatment is based sexuality. Various investigative modalities and intracavernous vasoactive drugs, implants and recent oral pills have changed the scenario of human sexuality.

In Modern Times many person use to enjoy cute girlfriends, somebody goes to red-light area (Prostitution) & suffers from sexually transmitted diseases (STD), Syphilis & Gonorrhea, Infection of glance pennies & oozing from urethra, extreme burning sensation felt during urine. Somebody feels fever due to Gonorrhea and fills pain in genital area. Where he use to intercourse with his own wife and his wife is attacked by the disease such as vaginal infection, itching, burning, oozing of vagina and it may cause gangrene. Dr. chakraborty in that case advises the vaginal smear test and penile smear test for detection of the disease.