Most Effective Treatment :


  1. To reduce fat fast & new era for the treatment of obesity quicker.
  2. Aloe vera Extract
  3. Bil, Amlaki, Garlic, Cucumber extract
  4. Guloncho, Medohar, Guggul, Rashayan Ayurveda
B. Counseling for reducing yoga, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Meditation to increase your self confidence, vocabulary power, concentration of mind & develop your personality, memory increment, zineobelova, brahmi, Sankhapushpi, Jatamangshi, unique, Combination of memory development for next generation.

Unique discovery of 21st century National Doctor.

Quick growth of hair,  brow, Skin, Pimple free Glamorous face, Wrinkle free face, Unexpected hair falling, Stopping Hair graying, you will get black dark hair, evergreen youth, heavenly skin, glowing skin.

Curing of stuttering & stammering management in children and adult by doctor S. Chakraborty. Universal unany drug  “ AKARKARA “ extract and behavior  therapy can overcome your stammering problem, vocabulary power, speaking power & sharp memory by treating  inferiority complex for stammering, psoriasis – eczema, piles, fistula, sweti ( White spot ), pimple in whole body, black rash & complicated skin diseases can be cure with natural therapy without any side effect s. Gout, Rheumatic arthritis, osteoporosis, neurological problem can be cure by natural system.

Discovery of “OSTOBORGO “ by bharatiya yogi rediscovered by Dr. S. Chakraborty. Compartable with modern era. He says that prevention is better than cure. Use of Ostoborgo increases the span of life, remove diseases just like an anioxident. It helps digestation, absorption, assimilation, soundsleep, vigour, vitality, happiness of conjugal life,’ which is song of life and wonder of life’. Your life will be successful , enjoyable, attractive.. just heavenly life.

Use electronic vibrating ring for continuously holding the erection. For heavenly orgasm use   lubricating gelly discovered from Ghritokumari ( Aloe Vera ) purely natural,  without side effects and skin allergy.

For exercise of penis vacuum therapy is most effective. Many people don’t know practice manners perfectly. If we pump  ball in my hand twice daily, power of grip increases. Same way inserting the penis in a  scientific jar attached with a vacuum machine is called Vacuum Therapy Aparatus. If we practice it regularly like gym of penis it increases the size of penis like anything. If anybody continue the use of gym of the penis his penis will increase like foreigners which we enjoy in adult movies.