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Solid Application:

SITRANS LR560 2-wire, world’s only 78 GHz Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar level transmitter for extremely difficult application. Having frequency 78GHz with FMCW combination make it most reliable radar in measuring low dielectric HDPE Polymer stored in these tall yet very narrow silos. Also extremely useful in dusty conditions of filing & emptying HDPW power in these storage Silos. Measuring Range upto 100 meter with LDI feature.

SITRANS LR260 is a 2-wire 25 GHz pulse radar level transmitter for solid application, specially used in extreme levels of dust and high temperatures, to a range of 30 m (98.4 ft).

The SITRANS LR460 is a 4-wire, 24 GHz FMCW radar level transmitter with extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, for continuous monitoring of solids up to 100 m (328 ft)


Model SITRANS LR560   


Liquid Application:

SITRANS LR250 is a Horn antenna Type 2-wire, 25 GHz pulse radar level transmitter for continuous monitoring of liquids and slurries in storage and process vessels including high temperature and pressure, Two Measuring Range are available 1)Upto 10 m (33 ft) 2)Upto 20 m (66 ft).

SITRANS Probe LR is a 2-wire Rod Type Antenna version, 6 GHz pulse radar level transmitter operating in. nominal pressure and temperature, to a range of 20 m (66 ft)



Model SITRANS Probe LR

Guided Wave Radar:

SITRANS LG200 is a guided wave radar transmitter for short and medium range level, level/interface, and volume measurement of liquids and solids. It is unaffected by changes in process conditions, high temperatures and pressures, and steam. The various probe are available like Coaxial, rigid, and flexible single or twin rods for many applications.

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