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SITRANS WF solids flowmeters monitor the rate of bulk material flow in a process. They continuously measure the impact force of the material under gravity feed conditions, and convert this signal into a flow rate used to control the rate into a process or blending operation.

Application: SITRANS WF flowmeters measure any dry material from powders to granulate. Material densities range from puffed wheat to iron ore, while fluidity covers the spectrum from fluidized powder, such as fly-ash, to sluggish flowing material such as lathe turnings. Typical materials monitored include cement, gravel, coke, coal, minerals, wood chips, cereals, seeds, grains, soybean and many more.


  • Various flow rates are available from 1-200 t/h, 200-900 t/h & 0.2-300 t/h
  • Continuous monitoring of the material flow without interrupting the process
  • Dust-tight construction: suitable for use in hazardous areas and in wash down Applications that require frequent cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance or recalibration after the initial installation and material Tests
and WF250
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