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   Weigh Feeders

SITRANS weighfeeders from Siemens can improve the accuracy of processing, blend consistencies, accountability, and record keeping. All weighfeeders come standard with a belt weigh bridge and speed sensor. An integrator is required to complete the system.

The weigh feeder is used to deliver an accurate mass flow rate of material. In the majority of applications, material is profiled by an adjustable mechanical shear gate, which fixes the correct material bed depth for a given particle size.



  • SITRANS WW100: High-accuracy, low-capacity for minor ingredient additives
  • SITRANS WW200: Low- to medium-capacity for minor ingredient additives
  • SITRANS WW300: Medium- to high-capacity for macro ingredient additives  
  • SITRANS WW350: Medium- to high-capacity for macro ingredient additives

The feed rate is then maintained and adjusted by varying the speed of the belt. However, in some cases the belt speed is constant with rate control (if any) done by a pre-feeding device.

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